The #MyLouisiana Project

In #MyLouisiana, there are no second class citizens.

Louisiana ranks dead last in social justice public policy in the United States. That means working families, people of color, immigrants, & children in Louisiana are worse off than in any other state in the US. The #MyLouisiana Project seeks to highlight the stories of Louisianans currently while promoting the aspirations and dreams for a more equitable and just Louisiana from Louisianans themselves.

If you’re not satisfied with the direction of our state and want to see a better, more equitable Louisiana for all people, we encourage you to record a short video to explain what your Louisiana looks like. We’re fighting for you, so we need to know what you want us to fight for.

"In #MyLouisiana, I don't have to worry about my son coming home because in my Louisiana, everyone's son is treated equally by law enforcement."

"In #MyLouisiana, you can love who you love. Period."

"In #MyLouisiana, I'm celebrated for my abilities, not discriminated against for my disabilities."


To submit a video for the #MyLouisiana Project, please follow a few simple guidelines. Other than that, happy uploading!


  • Videos should be no longer than 90 seconds.
  • In your video, please state your name (first names work fine), your hometown, and begin your submission with “In my Louisiana…”
  • Videos should be no larger than 10MB.
  • Try to record your video with a landscape (horizontal) orientation.
  • No profanity, no nudity. Keep it as PG-rated as possible (but be real!)

File formats accepted: mp4, mov, avi, flv